Turn Your Hover Board into a Hover Kart

How to Turn Your Hover Board into a Hover Kart (Go Kart)

Okay, this is a game changer. Now, you can use your hover board to create a go kart. Or maybe I should say I can turn my hover board into a go kart… If it’s not abundantly clear, I am really hoping to find one of these under my Christmas tree this year.

The kart installs on the hover board with straps and an allen wrench. It’s quick to put together and easy to learn to operate. You’ll be zooming around the parking court in no time.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t a street legal vehicle. It’s a great toy to play with in the driveway, and a great way to get the kids excited about playing outside if they’ve been at the video games too long. If your family already has a hover board, this is a good idea for a Christmas present this year.

I originally saw this in a catalog from Sharper Image, but it turns out there are similar products available from several sources, including Amazon. Wherever you get yours, enjoy!

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