Segway Ninebot Minipro Review 2022

What Comes in the Box

– The Segway Ninebot miniPRO hover board comes with assembly required. It is simple, but you have to attach the knee bar to the board.

-A UL-certified charger is included.

How the Segway Ninebot miniPRO Stacks Up

Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. The miniPRO is fairly easy to learn for a beginner. The kneebar offers extra stability and precision compared to other hover boards, and it can help a newbie feel balanced while learning.

The bluetooth app that’s included with the board is a good addition to the package. You can monitor things like speed and range fairly easily, and that can help you plan how far you can safely go on a charge.

For commuters looking for a last-mile hover board, this is a good option. It’s well-made and will get you where you need to go. The added steering precision also makes it arguably safer in pedestrian situations when you have to navigate around others.

It is comparable in weight to other hover boards, but if you have to carry it with you on the train or down the street, you’ll probably want to balance it on your shoulder. The kneebar may help with making that more convenient.


The Ninebot has the advantage of being made by a highly reputable company. The frame is strong, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, and they have paid attention to safety with features like safety lights and the added precision steering possible with the knee control bar. The specs list the top speed at 10 mph, with a battery range of 14 miles and a power rating of 800 watts.


Segway boasts that at 28 lbs, the Ninebot is lightweight. Commuters lugging this onto the train can decide for themselves if that qualifies as lightweight.


If you’re looking for a high-end experience, the Ninebot is a great choice.

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