Monorover R2 Hover Board Review 2022

What Comes in the Box

-The Monorover R2 hover board

-UL-certified charger

How It Stacks Up

There are plenty of low-cost hover boards on the market, and the Monorover R2 is a good example of one that does the job for a relatively low price. It has all of the standard bells and whistles and even offers a higher weight capacity than most of the boards on the market.

It has the advantage that it is available for sale online to people in the UK and EU, which isn’t true for all of the boards we review here at Segway Board Expert.

If you are shopping for a hover board for a teen, this is a good choice. Check out our post on the Best Hover Boards for Teenagers to find out more. (coming soon)


This board offers UL-certification, bluetooth connectivity, LED lights, and a maximum rider weight of 225 lbs. It handles hills. In short, it does a lot of what the higher end models do, and it looks the part, too.


The ride is decent, but you do get what you pay for. Longevity and smooth transitions aren’t what you would expect from a higher end model. Then again, you’re getting quite a deal at this price.


Some of the stats give a leg up over some of the other small brands, including a higher maximum speed, higher rider weight limit and lower product weight. This is a great choice for beginners, teenagers or anyone who is looking for an entry-level hover board.

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