Are segway boards dangerous?

Welcome to the debate that is almost getting everyone to forget about the 9/11 conspiracy and whether Neil Armstrong landed on the moon or not. Make no mistake, the transportation industry is changing thanks to the Segway scooters. The scooters are gaining popularity with each day. At the same time, Segway boards are being challenged when it comes to the safety of the rider.

Electric boards have changed how a man can move around and continue to make life easier. The question is, ‘are Segway boards dangerous‘?

Well that answer can be yes and no depending on the approach or angle of criticism. The Segway boards are self-balancing. The standard scooter is about 25 inches in length and weighs 22 pounds. This device can move at speeds of 6 mph on average and a top speed of 10 mph. Since the board has no steering, the control is based on position and moving your legs in the desired directions. The manufacturer created the board to be steered with pressure from both the legs and the body. This raises the question of safety especially with newbies who do not know to do ride the scooters.


If you are wondering about the source of power for the Segway board, the board has a rechargeable battery. The battery charges to full in 3 hours and that is enough to last you 10 miles or more based on your average speed. Safety is heavily dependent on the techniques the rider uses. That is, if you shift frontward or backward with the wrong amount of pressure you will definitely be on the ground in a split second. Nevertheless, the control of this board is remarkably easy and you only need a few minutes to be a guru! If you think riding a Segway board is risky, try riding a bicycle with your eyes closed.

The critics have a lot of facts right. Even those who are questioning the safety of this device agree that it is a tech marvel that has changed how people can move around. In the past, there have been cases of people falling off scooters resulting in injuries, but the same can be said about bicycles. A popular example is former president George W.Bush who fell off a scooter that had steering, and the moment was captured by journalists. Even in such a case, the stats show we shouldn’t rule out Segway boards.

Professionals like factory workers and airport attendants have appreciated this technology, and there have been no cases of injury. Are Segway boards dangerous? The answer is no. If used in the right way, riders enjoy a fun new way of traveling . Nevertheless, risky behaviors while on the board can lead to serious injuries. It is a 21st Century marvel that has added new options for getting around.

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