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Pros and cons of using Segway Boards

Let’s face it. Technological advances have taken over many facets of the business world and our personal lives. In fact, people cannot do without their mobile phones in their hand or on their person. Since these mobile devices are being used to take care of a wide diversity of needs, adults and children alike carry them wherever they go. Technology has not only changed the way people accomplish different tasks, but also impacts the way people travel from one destination to another. Some modes of travel will accommodate more than one person, while others are meant for traveling solo. With this being said, there is one mode of solo transportation that has been a coveted method for people all over the globe, and that is the segway board. For those who are interested in owning one, they can do their research in advance. The research that people do should include the pros and cons of using segway boards.

Pros of Owning a Segway Board

black segway boardThere are different types of segway boards on the market today. So, before an individual decides to make a purchase, they should make sure that they know what is actually available to them. Because some people will use them for fun, they may want to look for a board that does not cost a lot of money. Instead, they may want to look for a board that has a reasonable price with the features that they are looking for. This kind of board is normally hands free and can be used in many different situations.

On the other hand, if an individual is going to use the segway board that they want to buy for the purposes of getting around easily from one part of a facility to another (i.e. traveling around on large college campuses), they may be looking for the type that cost a lot more. Therefore, one of the best places to look is online via numerous sites that have good ratings provided by the consumer. Consumer reviews for these kinds of boards are ideal since they will not only tell the buyer where they can purchase them, but will also identify features that’s more suited for specific users.

self balancing scooterCons of Owning a Seqway Board

Though there are numerous pros to purchasing a segway board, there are some drawbacks as well. Two of the more notable is identifying the type that the person can use for their specific purposes. Because there are so many designs available, people will need to pick and choose the type of features that they will need in order to meet their needs. The cost of these boards can range from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive so people will need to establish a budget prior to making a purchase. In some cases, these boards can range up to thousands of dollars so some of them may be out of reach for those who are on a limited budget.

Choosing the right type of seqway board does not have to be difficult. However, it is important for the individual to shop around. Shopping around will help the individual identify both the pros and cons of ownership so that they can make an informed decision.

Are segway boards dangerous?

Welcome to the debate that is almost getting everyone to forget about the 9/11 conspiracy and whether Neil Armstrong landed on the moon or not. Make no mistake, the transportation industry is changing thanks to the Segway scooters. The scooters are gaining popularity with each day. At the same time, Segway boards are being challenged when it comes to safety of the rider.

Electric boards have changed how man can move around and continue to make life easier. The question is, ‘are Segway boards dangerous‘?

Well that answer can be yes and no depending on the approach or angle of criticism. The Segway boards are self-balancing. The standard scooter is about 25 inches in length and weighs 22 pounds. This device can move at speeds of 6 mph on average and a top speed of 10 mph. Since the board has no steering, the control is based on position and moving your legs in the desired directions. The manufacturer created the board to be steered with pressure from both the legs and the body. This raises the question of safety especially with newbies who do not know to do ride the scooters.

swegwayIf you are wondering about the source of power for the Segway board, the board has a rechargeable battery. The battery charges to full in 3 hours and that is enough to last you 10 miles or more based on your average speed. Safety is heavily dependent on the techniques the rider uses. That is, if you shift frontward or backward with the wrong amount of pressure you will definitely be on the ground in a split second. Nevertheless, the control of this board is remarkably easy and you only need a few minutes to be a guru! If you think riding a Segway board is risky, try riding a bicycle with your eyes closed.

The critics have a lot of facts right. Even those who are questioning the safety of this device agree that it is a tech marvel that has changed how people can move around. In the past, there have been cases of people falling off scooters resulting in injuries, but the same can be said about bicycles. A popular example is former president George W.Bush who fell off a scooter that had steering, and the moment was captured by journalists. Even in such a case, the stats show we shouldn’t rule out Segway boards.

Professionals like factory workers and airport attendants have appreciated this technology, and there have been no cases of injury. Are Segway boards dangerous? The answer is no. If used in the right way, riders enjoy a fun new way of traveling . Nevertheless, risky behaviors while on the board can lead to serious injuries. It is a 21st Century marvel that has added new options for getting around.

Major Retailers Say No to Segway Board Sales for 2015 Holiday Season

Segway boards are easily worth the money you pay for them, especially if you are planning to use it for transportation to work or school. You can save yourself from purchasing a larger vehicle. If you are planning to buy one for recreational purposes, then the price may be a bit expensive. During the holiday season, which just around the corner, many people are looking to buy one, but Major Retailers Say No to Segway Board Sales for This Holiday Season.

There are Segway retailers online who offer it for sale along with a complete guarantee, but major retailers are saying no to holiday sales this season. They are designed to transport one person at a time. This is for safety reasons. You can glide the Segway even if it rains, but be prepared to get wet. You should never wear flip flops when driving it for safety reasons. You should not use phones while operating it. It is just like driving a car, and you should pay attention.

A Segway board can glide you to and from your destination easy. If you live on a tight budget, then shopping for one this holiday season may be a bit complicated if you have been searching for a sale because Major Retailers Say No to Segway Board Sales for This Holiday Season. There are other Segway dealers and distributors online who may be able to help you get one at just the right price. Some of these dealers may offer reduced shipping fees.

When you purchase one from an online retailer, you will get it delivered right to your front door complete with instructions for use or operation, care and maintenance too. A manufacturer warranty will also be included. A Segway board will make the perfect holiday gift for any teen, man, or woman. You can save both time and money on gas expense, because it requires no gas. You can find them in a wide range of sizes, styles, and designs too. You can glide around town, to work, and more. It provides an excellent and smooth glide to any place. It will travel over paved or dirt roads. It is the perfect transportation for one person. black segway

This is one hot seller on the market today, and it is in high demand by both teens and adults. They are simple to get around on and safe as long as you use them correctly. Some huge shopping centers like malls allow people to glide on through with them. Don’t plan on purchasing a lot of items when you go shopping, because you will not have a place for storing your packages on the Segway board. Plus it will not be a good idea to hold them while you are driving your Segway for safety reasons.

Are Segway Boards Worth it?

Purchasing a Segway board may be worth it to you if you are planning to use it for non-recreational purposes. The price may be a bit expensive if you are planning just to use it for fun only. You can get many nice benefits from buying a Segway, and here are just a few.

Are Segway boards worth it to you?white segway

* You can save on the price of gas that you would buy for your auto. A Segway requires no gas.
* You can save on the the cost of car repairs.
* You can save on oil, filter, and oil changes. A Segway requires none of this.
* They are easier to drive than driving a vehicle.
* You can save on the cost of car insurance.
* A Segway is just perfect if you are single.
* It does not require you to have a drivers license. You can save on this expense too.
* It can be glided by someone as young as 12.
* You can glide the Segway on walkways, roads, through parks, malls and more. You cannot drive your car through the mall.
* In the long run, a Segway will save you both time, money, and hassle.

Here are a few reasons why you may not want to buy a Segway

* You cannot go shopping for a lot of stuff because a Segway has no trunk.
* A Segway is for one person, not a family. There is only room for one.
* When retailers do not offer a sale, then expect to pay a premium.
* You have to be a lot older than 12 to drive a car.

Segway safety is similar to driving a car, and you must pay attention to avoid getting hurt or running into someone. Read more pros and cons on this page. After reading these great tips and advice, you can see for yourself.

Are Segway Boards Worth it?

It really depends on the type of person you are and how much traveling you do and your destination you will be headed to or exploring. For the safest handling and operation, you should read the instructions that come with the new Segway board.

Your new Segway board can provide you with a lifetime of long lasting use if you maintain it properly and store it well when not in use. You should read the complete directions that will come with it for proper care and maintenance.

You can view a wide selection of Segway boards online in a variety of styles and sizes. You can get help selecting the best Segway board for you. All Segway boards come with a great warranty that you can depend on if you suspect there is a defect in the workmanship.